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Reward and recognition are important in any organisation to show value to those enlisted, through a set framework targeted at different levels.

Each toastmaster has personal goals and certificates to achieve at their club, starting with the competent series, of communication and leadership, and then they can move onto the advanced manuals. Each meeting also presents an opportunity to gain reward, usually through a ribbon as best speaker, best table topics speaker and best evaluator roles, even more reason to take part!


The club itself then also has goals to work towards and complete each year, such as having two to four of the members complete their Competent Communication or Leadership certificate. A goal assisting in gauging members’ commitment by renewing membership on time. Here is the full list of obtainable points:

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Hooper’s Hop to Competent Communication!

Wayne Hooper, tenured technical manager at Rackspace joined The Toast Rack a short 9 months ago.

Wayne took his time at a few meetings to assess the situation, learn the basic roles and functions of a TM meeting, then started booking speeches in.

One after the other, he picked up pace and became a regular hit. He sought evaluations, practising with other colleagues and charging on.


As he powered through, he set a new standard at the model corporate club. His tenacity overflowed to others and the general morale and attitude has been lifted with Wayne’s drive and commitment.

We are happy to congratulate Wayne on completion and has just completed his Competent Communication manual.

The CC manual is the first of 2 tracks in the Toastmasters International framework, the second being the Competent Leadership manual.


Rackspace UK’s MD Darren Norfolk guest appearance at The Toast Rack to present Wayne with his ribbon and certificate.

IMG_3209Go Wayne!

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International Experience and now Competent Leader

I was travelling abroad to New Delhi, India, to take care of some family business and attend my cousins wedding. Coming to the close of 2016 for me has been about personal development and a culmination of projects.

Prior to my trip, I reached out to several Toastmaster clubs in the Noida district and two clubs were happy to accommodate me.

First arrived at the offices of Tata Consultancy Services, one of India’s largest multinationals, worth over $80bn and recognised by Brand Finance as one of the Big 4 Global IT services Brands.

Abi Goyal was my contact who welcomed me warmly and took me through security to enter the meeting. This club’s meeting theme was “Carpe Diem” usually translated to ‘Seize the Day’.

Fellow toastmasters were excited a foreigner (or NRI) had come to join in their meeting and I was asked to speak impromptu about my experiences. In true table topic fashion, I was able to speak on opportunities and how they can manifest in new and unknown ways. I referred back to my project of bringing 2014 Word Champ, friend and now mentor Dananjaya Hettiarachchi to Rackspace UK for a one-day masterclass in speech success.4I9A1276If you have not seen his award-winning speech, stop and watch it now:

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