A Toast to Els Vermeulen!

When Els Vermeulen attended an empowering ‘Women in Industry’ talk back in 2014, she came away feeling energised and empowered but little imagined quite what an impact that talk would have on her and Rackspace.

Els has been part of a Trojans, a Toastmaster club in Ealing for many years and felt like her Rackspace family could benefit from this organisation. So, inspired by the event and in her own time, she sought out executive sponsorship to bring life to a new Rackspace Toastmasters club which launched in September 2014


We’re delighted to share that Els has recently completed BOTH awards and has been officially awarded and certified by Toastmasters International.


Over two years on and the club has many successes and stories to share, The Toast Rack owes itself to the person that made it all happen.


Area Director Russell Searle awarding Els with both certificates.img_20161117_125915